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1. In years past, we've picked specific dates to administer the contest. This was to keep the integrity of the test so that students couldn't talk to students from other districts and reveal test materials. We've realized that between extra-curricular events, concerts, potential snow days and just general school-related insanity, it's difficult to choose specific dates for everyone to follow. This year, we'd like to try something different. As long as you pick a date (or multiple dates) to administer the contest between February 19 and March 18, we're okay with that. Of course, please encourage your students not to discuss any of the test matter to anyone once they complete it.

2. Same as above goes for FLES students. Except their test dates are from February 10-23.

3. Beware: they are fazing out the paper and pencil version of the quiz soon. It still exists this year but mentally/physically/emotionally prepare yourselves for the online version becoming mandatory very soon. On the bright side - you won't have to pay for the CDs if you do the online version. Just putting that out there to make you feel better.

4. If you still do the  paper/pencil version of the contest, be aware you need to mail it in by a certain time.  I will provide that information ASAP. I'd highly recommend you get that certified when you mail it out just to be safe.

5. Speaking of payment, it cost $6 per person to participate in the contest. There's an additional cost for Suffolk AATF Members so that we have enough money to purchases prizes for our wonderful Distribution de Prix. 

6. The due date for paper/pencil tests are due Friday, December 14. For online tests, it's February 15.

7. If you wish to be shipped hard copy/paper certificates, you MUST check the box on the registration page. If you do not check this box, you agree that you will print your own certificates using the PDF template available on our website

8. Save the date. La Cérémonie de la Distribution des Prix will be on Tuesday, May 28.

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